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Small Dog Breeds: 13 Most Popular Small Dogs


Little dogs always look funny and cute. They can be easily hugged, you can also play with them and have a great time. These include, for example, chihuahua, Havana bichon, Maltese lapdog, and dachshund. They are easily placed in a basket, as well as cheaper to maintain than large dogs. In this article, we list all the small and at the same time child-friendly dogs.

Main parameters of small dogs:

  • Size: max. 40 cm tall
  • Weight: 3-12 kg
  • Estimated Life Span: 11-14 years
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a small dog?

  • Perception: out of sight – out of mind
    Small dogs are often a stumbling block. We humans easily ignore them and accidentally hurt them when they seek our closeness while we are busy with our business.
  • Space: a small sunbed, more space on your sofa
    It is true that small dogs do not need a large sunbed and take up less space on the couch. Many people think that a small dog is best suited for living in an apartment. But it depends mainly on the temperament of the dog, and not on the size.
  • On the go: always with you
    Small dogs have an incredible advantage – they can be taken almost anywhere, and they need much less space in the car than other breeds.
  • Weight: comfortable to wear
    Small dogs can be raised and carried. Especially if they are sick and you are going to the vet – this is a big advantage.
  • Family: not very suitable for small children
    Young children sometimes can not correctly calculate their strength and sometimes grab the dog more than they think. This can lead to injuries in small dogs.
  • Health: living long, but prone to disease
    Small (and medium) dogs usually live longer than large dogs. However, small dogs are just as susceptible to disease as large dogs because their size has been specially bred. Especially common
    among little four-legged friends, problems with the hip and knee joints.
  • Costs: Small dogs cost less
    The cost of food and accessories for small dogs is less than that of large dogs.
  • Effectiveness: not always taken seriously
    If you are looking for a dog that looks menacing and strong outside, you should not buy a small dog. Although they can be very brave, they are more likely to be greeted with the words “oh, how sweet.”
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What to look for before buying a dog?

Dog owners should make sure that there are not many things scattered around the apartment. What can be stacked – must be stacked. This gives the dog maximum space for free movement.

It is also worth purchasing accessories in advance that will provide you and your pet a comfortable life, these are:

  1. Bowls (one for water, the other for food)
  2. Lounger or bedding appropriate size
  3. Leash and collar (or harness) for walking
  4. The supply of food that is right for your dog
  5. Shampoo for dogs
  6. Grooming brush
  7. Special claw scissors
  8. Toys and treats for your pet
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Bichon Frize


Bichon Frize is a very cheerful dog whose personality captivates everyone around him, even his neighbors. He’s very smart. Also likes to learn tricks quickly.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier-King- Charles-Spanie

Small size – big heart. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a friendly, affectionate, playful dog. When you’re not there, he loves to explore, sniff, and hunt.



Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. He looks incredibly cute, great for an apartment and can even learn how to use a garbage bin.



Dachshund is a very playful and cheerful dog. This is a small Porsche convertible with a long body and short legs, we are sure that no one can escape its charm. Dachshund is absolutely faithful to its family and very friendly towards children.

French Bulldog


French Bulldog is a dog with passion. She not only loves to cuddle with people, but also loves to sleep with her master and, of course, with all other family members.

Havana Bichon


Havanese love all life around them: family, strangers, children, other dogs and pets (even cats!).

Jack Russell Terrier


Big personality in a small body! Jack Russell Terriers are small and look very cute. But you should not be fooled – they have VERY much energy.

Japanese Chin


Japanese Chin is a lively, cheerful, attentive, playful and at the same time polite and intelligent dog. He loves to cuddle too much, so he prefers to sit on his master’s lap and let him stroke himself.

Maltese lapdog


Maltese enjoy the care and admiration of a pet. But they also have another wild side. The Maltese lapdog likes to run and play, she is brave, self-confident and not afraid of big dogs.



“Multum in parvo”. This phrase is very relevant when it comes to a pug. This is Latin and the literal meaning of the phrase – “much in the small.” In terms of dog breeds, this is best translated as “many dogs in one body.” And this is true: a pug has an unusually multi-layered character.

Papillon (papillon)


Papillons look very cute, but these are not only cute dogs but also real athletes! They run and jump around the house like little mountain goats. Although the breed is very small, animals move a lot, easily and with great pleasure.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke


Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a happy, lively and friendly family dog. His body is as active and fast as his mind, so for games, he needs not only a sock but also puzzles. This is a very smart dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

his is a smart, lively and fearless dog. They are fully focused on their master and are always affectionate towards him. It is important to note that the Yorkshire Terrier requires more human communication and attention than any other breed.

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Dogs that are suitable for an apartment

Which dogs are suitable for keeping in an apartment?

  • Dogs that need little space
  • Balanced temperament dogs
  • Dogs that don’t tend to bark

Big dog = a lot of energy = a lot of space?

A small dog is a small apartment. Big dog – a large apartment (or house). This is the most common opinion about the ratio of the size of the dog and the size of the house in which it will be comfortable. But it’s not always the case. Small dogs sometimes have so much energy and temperament that they want to play all day long.

On the other hand, there are large dogs who like to lie on a blanket in the living room all the time and they feel great in the apartment. Therefore, dogs with less energy and a more relaxed, calm character are certainly more appropriate.

Almost every dog ​​can be happy in the apartment, provided that she gets enough exercise to suit her needs. Therefore, dogs that have long been bred for special purposes are a little harder to please. These are mainly shepherds and hunting dogs.

For example, the Irish Setter, Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever have a lot of energy. Every day you need to give them a lot of physical activity. If they get it, then they too can become happy in a small apartment. Nevertheless, this is a rather difficult task and not every owner will cope with this.

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Big dogs in the apartment

Large dogs, such as Great Dane, at first glance, seem unsuitable for an apartment. It weighs up to 50-80 kg and has a height of more than 70 cm, but takes up much less space than you might expect. By nature, the dog is calm, relaxed and loves to laze around in its place.

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