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TOP 7 largest dogs breeds in the world

Самые большие собаки

If you think your Rottweiler or Dogue de Bordeaux is really a big dog, you are mistaken. Today we will talk about the truly largest dogs, the breeds of which are the largest in the world!

The largest dog breeds

Each of the breeds that made it to our TOP is a “giant” compared to other dogs. Most of them cope with this burden easily. With a height of over 100 centimeters, these dogs are larger than many Shetland ponies. We will tell you which of the breeds are the largest in the world.

7. Landseer


Landseer is from Newfoundland and takes his name from the English artist Edwin Landseer, who immortalized representatives of this breed in his paintings. Today, Landseer is recognized as a separate breed from Newfoundland, and now visually differs from it. Landseer, with copious undercoat, is a passionate swimmer in any weather, so he is often used as a sea rescue dog. Males of this impressive breed are up to 80 centimeters tall, females up to 72.

6. Leonberger


Leonberger brings the best of three different breeds from which he resembles. This breed was created by crossing St. Bernard, the Pyrenees mountain dog, and Newfoundland. Dogs of this breed are respectively large: males can reach up to 80 centimeters in height, bitches up to 75. Leonberger is mostly calm and balanced and is also ready to learn and work. This makes him a pleasant companion of man and an ideal family dog.

5. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd

What is an Anatolian shepherd is not clearly defined everywhere. Some classifications include Kangal and Akbash in this breed, while others share these breeds. However, all three representatives are very similar in nature: they are extremely vigilant, courageous and suspicious. Because of these qualities, they are bred as guard dogs. Anatolian Shepherd Dog needs early training, consistent training by experienced dog owners. If this does not happen, then the growth of up to 85 centimeters (bitches up to 79 centimeters) of these large animals can be troubles for both the dog and the owner.

4. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenees mountain dog

Pyrenees mountain dog, or large pyrenees – a breed of French origin. Therefore, his real name is Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées or Patou. Males of this impressive breed reach a height of 82 centimeters, bitches – up to 77 centimeters. The talents of this large breed are the duties of a guard, protecting the herd or even a shepherd dog. Pyrenean mountain dogs are accordingly very vigilant, courageous, and also smart.

3. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Why is the Irish Wolfhound one of the largest dogs in the world? Well, if only because the breed standard does not determine the maximum size, but only the minimum. Females of this breed should be at least 71 centimeters, males – at least 79 centimeters. However, since individual specimens of this obedient breed are more than 100 centimeters high, the Irish Wolfhound is often considered the largest dog in the world. His data allows the successful use of this breed in hunting.

2. Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane, or as they are also called a gentle giant, has a shoulder height of at least 80 centimeters in males and at least 72 centimeters in females, but at the same time so friendly, open and especially tolerant of humans and other dogs that they don’t only the largest, but considered one of the most pleasant companions, or even give you the best pony for some children.

1. Saint Bernard

St. Bernard

Saint Bernards have long been used as search dogs (very often to detect people caught in an avalanche). However, over the years, the development of the breed has complicated this task, so today they are mainly used as a companion dog. Although the St. Bernards are large and heavy, they are still very sensitive, meek and friendly. Although there are stubborn representatives of the breed, nevertheless, St. Bernard is an ideal family dog, which boldly fights for its “human pack” in an emergency. Bitches up to 80 centimeters in height, males even up to a really impressive 90 centimeters.

Which dogs are the largest in the world?

The heaviest dog in the world: Clos – 165.5 kg, 97 cm

The heaviest dog in the world

What is the largest dog in the world? If you are talking about weight, the biggest dog is a mastiff named Klo, who weighed 165.5 kilograms and was 97 centimeters high and 2.57 meters long! Clough lived in Tibet in the 80s. Mastiffs are a gigantic breed, their average weight is 85 kilograms (which is still small compared with 165.5 in Clough). In 1989, by the age of eight, he was the size of a small donkey.

The highest dog: Zeus – 70.3 kg, 112 cm

The tallest dog in the world

The tallest dog in the world was a Great Dane named Zeus from Otsego, Michigan, 1.12 m tall. Standing on its hind legs, Zeus was 2 meters 24 centimeters tall! Zeus weighed more than 70 kilograms and ate 13 kilograms of food every day. Zeus overtook the previous record holder of the Guinness Book of Giant George by only 1 inch.

Giant George was well known for appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show. During a flight to Chicago, he took 3 places on the plane and slept at home in his own bed. George was a little smaller than Zeus in height, but he weighed more – 111 kilograms.

It is hard to imagine how gigantic these dogs would be compared to the smallest dog in the world, a chihuahua named Heaven Sent Brandy, whose length was only 15.2 cm from nose to tip of the tail!

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