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Clothing for dogs: how to choose the type and size of clothing for small and large dogs

Смешная одежда для собаки

Earlier it was believed that clothing for a dog is far from the most necessary attribute, but rather a tribute to fashion. However, today, especially in large cities, sweaters and jackets for four-legged friends can become an indispensable thing. They save animals not only from rain, wind or cold but also from dust and dirt from the street.

The choice of clothing for dogs of a dachshund, terrier or even a shepherd is so huge today that it can be difficult to navigate what thing is necessary for a four-legged friend, and which one he can do without. Today we will tell you what clothes are for fluffy pets, and how to choose the right jackets, overalls, and sweaters for dogs, based on their size.

Одежа для собаки

Types of clothes for dogs

Today in stores you can find so many cool clothes for dogs that the owners of animals just run their eyes. However, it is important not to rake all the beautiful things from the shelves, but to approach the design of the wardrobe correctly. The choice of clothes should depend primarily on the season – to buy a fur coat in May is not quite the right choice (unless you buy it at a discount and set it aside for the winter).

In order to plan your pet’s wardrobe as correctly as possible, let’s get acquainted with the main types of clothing for dogs:

  1. Overalls. Perhaps the most popular element of the wardrobe. This is due to the versatility and ease of use of clothing. Overalls sew for both large and small breeds. They can both summer and demi-season and even winter. If you are looking for a jumpsuit for a dog to walk your pet in the rain – pay attention to models made of non-soaking material with a hood. For cold climates, overalls with insulation are ideal.
    Winter dog clothes
  2. Mikey. A simple and easy clothing option that is perfect for the summer season. Dog shirts are most often made from cotton or knitwear. Please note that the fabric should have elastane to ensure stretching of the product – so the dog will be much more comfortable.
  3. Dresses. Lovely and beautiful dresses will fit perfectly in the wardrobe of a dog-girl. This is most often an option for summer clothing for dogs – it is almost impossible to find dresses with insulation. Some models are decorated with bows, ruffles, frills.
    Clothing for dogs of small breeds
  4. Kangaroos. Another basic element of clothing for dogs of small breeds. These sweatshirts are sewn from soft and warm knitwear. Raglan is comfortable to wear and does not squeeze the dog’s body. Today “kangaroos” are produced for dogs of all sizes – from large to decorative breeds.
  5. Jackets. Clothing for dogs for autumn and winter. Protects from cold and wind. It can have wired insulation, thanks to which the dogs will be warm even at -15 … -20 degrees. Waterproof jackets are also great for rainy weather.
    Clothing for dogs for fall and winter
  6. Vests. There are several types of vests for dogs: life-saving, protective. The first ones are perfect for a pet who likes to swim. At the same time, a vest is needed not only in the process of swimming training. This is reliable protection against unforeseen situations that may occur on the water. Protective vests are usually fitted with reflectors. They help to see the dog in the dark. Such a vest can save your pet from a car accident – at night, reflectors are clearly visible in the headlights.
    Warm dog clothes
  7. Sweaters. The best option for clothes for demi-season weather. Knitted sweaters allow the dog’s skin to breathe and at the same time give warmth and comfort. You can choose plain, bright, vintage, decorated with sequins or stripes patterns that will make your dog the most stylish.
    Sweater for the dog
  8. Protective underpants. Owners of dog girls will appreciate this wardrobe item. Panties with interchangeable gaskets are used mainly during estrus. Such clothes help prevent stains on carpets or sofas and also help get rid of annoying “fans” of your dog who are obsessively spinning around her during estrus.

In addition, you can order clothes for dogs of other types:

  • pants;
  • t-shirts;
  • coat;
  • tracksuits;
  • raincoats;
  • boots;
  • hats and caps;
  • accessories (chains, bows)
  • fur coats.
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How to choose a dog’s clothing size

In order to buy clothes for the dog of the right size, it is best to go with the pet to the store and try on the things you like. Only in this way you can be sure that the product sits beautifully and does not cause discomfort to the animal.

However, it is not always possible to find time for shopping. And besides, today online dog clothing stores offer the widest possible range, which is almost impossible to find at stationary points of sale. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to choose the right clothing size for pets.

  1. The most important criterion for choosing dog clothes is the length of the back. Measuring this parameter is quite simple – one end of the centimeter tape should be located between the shoulder blades of the animal, and the other at the base of the tail.
  2. Neck circumference. To prevent clothes from squeezing the throat of your four-legged friend, measure the circumference of the neck in its thickest part. As a rule, it is located at the base.
  3. Chest girth. As in the case of the neck, the volume of the chest is measured in its thickest part. It is located immediately behind the front legs of the pet. For small dogs, the breast volume of the jacket or overalls should be 4-5 cm more. For large breeds – 10-15 cm more. This ensures ease of movement. A separate supply is necessary for dogs with long fluffy hair (another + 4-6 cm).
  4. Waist. In order to measure it, it is necessary to choose the thinnest zone, which is located in front of the hind legs. A small supply is also needed here. Otherwise, dog clothes will squeeze the stomach. Fortunately, most models today come with the ability to adjust the waist circumference. This is ensured by special laces and garters.
  5. Length of forepaws. This parameter must be measured on the inside of the pet’s paw. In order for the overalls for the dog to sit perfectly, it is important that the length of the paws of the product is slightly shorter than that of the animal. If you choose a wardrobe for a long-haired breed, be sure to provide a reserve.

How choose the size of clothes for the dog

Make sure that the animal feels as comfortable as possible in the clothes. A dog may simply refuse to wear things that strongly squeeze or rub the skin. Therefore, before putting on a sweater or jacket, make sure that all the clasps and ties provide comfort when moving.

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Clothing for large dogs

Clothing for large dogs is not as popular as for small pets. This is explained by the fact that large breeds, as a rule, have thick wool or fatty layer, and do not suffer from cold or wind. At the same time, in some situations, even the largest dog needs protective clothing. In stores, owners of large four-legged friends are offered to buy:

  • jackets;
  • hats and caps;
  • overalls;
  • sweaters, etc.

Clothing for large dogs,

Rarely found dresses for dogs of large breeds. It is unlikely that you have ever seen a husky dog ​​or a German shepherd with a dress – it would be catastrophically inconvenient for dogs to run in it. This element of the wardrobe is more suitable for small decorative breeds.

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Clothing for small dogs

If you want to buy clothes for Chihuahuas and other dogs of small breeds, take a look at these elements of the wardrobe:

  • dresses;
  • t-shirts;
  • vests;
  • jackets;
  • overalls, etc.

Clothing for small dogs

In principle, all clothing was originally created for small breeds that are hard to tolerate cold.

Please note that clothing for small dogs should not be too heavy or have large inserts (pockets, hoods). Otherwise, the animal will have difficulty moving around.

Speaking of hoods, this item of clothing is able to protect your pet from otitis media in the cold season. At the same time, clothes with a hood have a small feature – it makes the pet’s hearing less sharp. Therefore, all commands should be pronounced much louder than usual.

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Summer and winter clothes for dogs

The choice of clothing for dogs is based on the climate in which you live. However, in general, the entire wardrobe for animals is divided into summer, winter and demi-season. How to choose clothes for your pet at this or that time of the year?

  1. When choosing winter clothes for a dog, pay attention to models with insulation. The harsher the winter in your area, the better the insulation should be. Some models of jackets allow dogs to feel comfortable even at a temperature of -25 … -30 degrees.
  2. Summer clothes for dogs should be made of natural materials. Synthetics in the heat make the walk for your dog simply unbearable. So take a look at cotton products that provide air circulation.
  3. Demi-season clothing must be waterproof. Indeed, in many regions, spring and autumn is the rainy season, which, however, does not cancel the daily walk with a pet. Another requirement for demi-season clothing is ease of care – jackets and raincoats should be easily washed off dirt and dust from the street.

Before you buy clothes for dogs, pay attention to the quality of the material and tailoring. For example, the jacket should have many seams that would protect the animal from rain under clothing. Choose only high-quality products that are pleasant to the body of the animal, do not cause allergies and are easy to care for (you will have to wash clothes after each walk). Such a competent approach will allow you to purchase not only stylish but also high-quality clothes for your pet.

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